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Paying for pre school and primary education in isolated village schools in Timor Leste where sadly children miss out as regular schools are too far away.

Parents teach the curriculum as there are no teachers.

Parents repair abandoned buildings to create local village schools.

No roads, no electricity, no water, no phones means no chance of help in remote mountainous communities.



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Timor Fund Timorese Cultural Dancers East Timor Leste

4 Prestige Place, Auckland, 0620

New Zealand

The Fund for Timor is a charity, registered, run and administered in New Zealand which provides funding to agencies on the ground in East Timor. 

E-mail: fundfortimor@gmail.com

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Fund for Timor

Registered Charity CC46987

Fast Facts about Timor Leste

No school 15%

Physicians 1 in 10,000

Malnutrition of under5s 49%


The schools need about $40 a day to survive. So please give

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